To finding out who her boyfriend was, Vilnius aspirant is drawn into a mystical war in the "Enclave" - Kaliningrad oblast, in which even the most harmless ones... are cannibals. God is keeping aloof with the cursed land. But also heroine's not exactly an angel, and her goal is incredible...


The heroine is the key detective. Her effectiveness are based on hereditary gift: she can to enchant any men by selection of appearance, behavior, and environment. Pharmacist Lucrezia is her companion. Certain erotic motifs are woven into the show.
Both her allies hide the true goals. Vaidelutas, almost immortal pagan Prussian priests, confront. In contrast to the classical detective the formalized Russian police only brake the investigation.


The project is the criminal-mystic drama television series, based on lithuanian-prussian ground. It has 9 episods. In principle it is a starting season, ending with the birth of man, able to confront the antagonist. The general outline of show is drawn up. The play "Who ate Judith von Schirrau?" can be converted into a prequel. Some of the background arcs in this season are not disclosed.


The show focuses on not letting to tear away from the screen, and doesn't raise the moral questions and other concerns. Maintaining interest seems to be self-sufficient task. Film depicts the spirit of doom and extreme apathy of russian. It makes catastrophes imminence. A nation with such a mentality should not have nuclear technology. We hope that this philosophy will attract European audience.