1.Abinea Kurshiene

A graduate student of Philology, 33 yearsShe is the descendant of witch bloodline (always one girl), and she has sneaking suspicion about it. She does not resemble a traditional witch and can totally change by dress, a speaking, and gait. She has the incomprehensible desire of baby. She is unique erudite in epics and legends.


2.Platon Vel'jaminovich Deev

Kaliningrad pathologist, >70 years

He holds this post not long, obviously has seen a lot, and more like an old KGB functionary than a medic. He is good-natured and knows a lot of histories and anecdotes, mostly not good ones. It's cruel Patollo, God of the Prussians Pit, the most venerated of the gods. He should not be identified as Patollo when being Deev.

3.Lucrecia Venzslavska

A graduate student of Pharmacy, 25-35 years, from West Ukraine

The friend of Abinea, she explores components of psychotropic ethnomedicine.

4. Solomon Ardweg

The inspector of Regensburg Police, 38-48 years

He has some aureole of European Integrity and specialises at field of the occult fraud, sects, etc. For the year prior to the events Judith von Schirrau disappeared  before his eyes, which caused a nervous breakdown.

5. Benedict Abenir Schwartzmann

The Master Schmidt of “Seven Bridge”, 24-40 years 

He is charming, erudite men, a favorite of women. In his youth, was a racer. The audience must to grieve his death.

6.Jonas Balandis

The official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, 34-38 years

He has long been in love with Abinea, but she protects him from her destructive sexuality.

7.Arminius Lambertas

Professor of history

Father of Abinea

8.Liliana Shelomajnik (Lilya)

The police of Wehlev, 32-37 years

She seems mentally retarded, enjoys hurling an axe at a target and children's books with stickers.

9.Il'ya Shelomajnik 

 Husband of Lilya.Their two-year-old son died by a Russian mess, Ilya tried suicide, then  became the pastor.

10. Dobronravov

Director of the installation of computer networks BNPP, 30-37 years


A vagrant

In fact, he is the forlorn God Perkunas, aka Odin, the Patollo's brother. He can to compute any chain of the random events (in particular, which led to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan).

Type:Gregory Perelman


FSB major, head of security of the construction of the Baltic NPP, 40-45 years
He was on edge constantly. Not honored to meet the President, he started drinking. After the President and the delegation were enclosed in BNP, he ran happy, drunk, and naked.


Old men, 104 years

He is from other world and has a power over Ardweg. His speaking almost impossible to understand.

The Prosecutor and the investigating officials of the Enclave


14. Kasheftin 

“Trader”, 22-25 years

He is of Caucasian appearance and accent.


“Keeper”, >800 years, look 55-65 years

Maybe he is the last at Lithuania.




Type: (1)


Kriviss, 600 years

He is most powerful from vaidelutas, but has the appearance of an ordinary villager.

The Tear of Satan, “The Fly”

The black stone of irregular shape seems opaque, but it is clearn visible that within there is the white fly. The stone is inserted in silver ring in the form of a cancer, which curled up and keeps stone in his claws.