1. For two centuries, the Teutonic Order cruelly exterminated pagan priests ("vaidelutes") of ancient Prussia. However, the last powerful warlocks were mentioned until 18th century. The plot envisions that a part of them took refuge in Lithuania. It is much more believable than, for example, the assumption that at least one Templar survived. Losing worshippers, priests began to use the ancient forbidden practices. Knowledge about the afterlife has made them almost immortal. After 1945 vaidelutes returned to backwoods of Kaliningrad oblast, to the ancient shrines. The destroyed and desecrated, the churches of old enemy multiplies warlock's power. 

2. Vaidelute  is the “know-how” monster. Not so difficult to send them to Pit than to prevent their return. As “Twin Peaks”, the project adapts the Neolithic views  to current world. Cannibalism just restores aged organs of the body; to reach the Pit you need a fighter aircraft at abandoned aerodrome ("the mythical bird"); to kill the smell of Pit you need Polish deodorant, etc. The punch line is these views allow the birth of a child of a deceased father. Heroine knows this initially, but no one in the TV audience.

3. Though heroine may seduce any man, she doesn't not realize this talent like a supernatural gift. Difficulties with the reproduction characterize the witches. For she the "men" is an generic term, as "fauna". She sees "birds", "wolves", and each class requires an approach. The family Notes helps in this witchcraft. The witch in front of a wardrobe reminds of the Terminator in the gun shop.
 4. Throughout all series in the Russian packages the ringlets are teared off, the covers not turn away, the banks not open, what prepare us to the grand finale.
5. The series follows the Christian tradition. The devil does not enter into an open struggle only builds a chain of random events. He is subordinate to God, but would like to be right in the worst suppositions - the world will not reach the goal set by the Creator.