Outline 1-3 episodes


Abinea is a graduate student of Philology of Vilnius University. She has no children, and medicine does not know why. 

Her friend, the Ukrainian pharmacist Lukreсia, specializes in psychedelic remedies.
Abinea meets Benedict, a German. The strange parallels with her own birth indicate that he'll give her a baby. A stormy romance is interrupted by the accident. He died. This is a blow- she had, alas, "safe days". It is clearly seen that he crashed into the elm on their own. It happened after a strange call. Someone discredited Benedict, imitating the voice of Jonas, the loyal boyfriend of Abinee. German confessed that he is a cop, but could not explain the recorder working in pocket. This has provoked a kind of quarrel.
Here is the morgue and old man over Benedict's body. He finds a birthmark resembling a sign and utters "a perfect murder".


The Enclave, Russia

The pagan prussian crypt are being excavatedin Ushakovo (Brandenburg-Preussen). This may be the tomb of St. Adalbert. But there are bones of else 30 people. Moreover, they eaten by cannibals in the different centuries! The latest is Judith von Schirrau, who disappeared a year ago. Information about cannibalism is classified. The detective-polyglot Ardweg leads the investigation on the German side. He was reported their colleague crashed in Vilnius. They haven't this man!

 He goes to Vilnius and meets Abinee. Through the tapes it's clear that Benedict tried to get from her information about crypt. Why??

Abinea was shocked to hear about a cannibals in ancient-preussian crypt. Jonas, in positions of responsibility, makes her the Lithuanian curator at excavations. Lukrecia gifted the "truth serum". Abinea goes to the Enclave with Ardweg on the bus, at night, at thunderstorm and easily drives a man insane. The detectivediscloses that he accompanied von Schirrau on her fateful trip to the Enclave. At the old flour mill of Wehlev she entered door, then door disappeared from the wall. She was found by the DNA.

 Abinea dares to stay in Wehlev. 

The town fell into decay — no cafe, no hotel. The Kaliningrad pathologist Deev settles her to deserted departmental house. She receives a bunch of folders and a pistol. 

Lilya, the only cop of Wehlev, looks retarded. Her husband, Ilya, learns that Benedict visited an old man who found the crypt, in Ushakovo. The crypt was prompted by a letter. He hid it from inquiry, but showed to Benedict. German had second name “Abner”,  and letter was sent by some “Abinea” from Vilnius! He decided they were siblings and wanted money.

He went Vilnius exclusively for her.


The severed heads of two men are found in the sack with cabbage. They belong to contractors of the Baltic NPP, which is being built in Enclave. Is this a sabotage of the Federal project? The FSB mayor Skyrin visits Lilya, and categorically forbids her  tells "old stories".

Lilya asks Abinea a contact with someone from campus of BNPP. She narrates about "Wehlev recruits"- allegedly, the “mayor» asked for it! 30 years ago all conscripted recruits, 26 people, disappeared on the way to the train station. The agents of KGB brutally investigated the "desertion", but shortly their own heads were found in a sewn sack.  Rumor is now about two decapitated thieving contractors...

 The “recruit's case” is still top secret. Only strange text signed “Gatekeeper” is known. Abinea explores it, the route of recruits, and at last deciphers the spell... in Tajik. Checking it, she disappears...