Outline 4-6 episodes


...and finds herself in the vaulted room. She is bound. Three men are going to eat her. It hit she — the only way to salvation is to lose consciousness! She strikes the back of her head on wall.

She wakes up in Wehlev. The room smells of citrus deodorant. She is being searched for the second day. The alarmed Lukrecia had rushed here.

The corpse of an old man was found in the ruins of a church. His throat was torn out by dog. He possessed many diseases, and – in pocket - ticket to Lithuania, Lobanor Forest. The corpse disappears. Abinea and Lukrecia are compelled go to Lithuania to "seek connection".

Abinea decides to transform into the coquettish filmmaker from Brandenburg, who collects the hunting stories about Lobanoris and forest cannibals. She causes sensation in the hunter club which arranges an unscheduled hunting. It finishes with the binge in the forest bungalow. The forester Glokis comes. All the hunters suddenly fall asleep. Glokis tries to adjure, but falls under sexual enchantment of Abinea. She put him the truth serum in.

 He slips that he is the keeper of artefacts of waidelutas -  prussian priests. He recently gave them ring the "Tear of Satan». In a delirium he says the waidelutas are separated, Meroev near Tilsit is the only keeps the contact between priests. When she kisses him, forester dies. Abinea takes mobile, but gets hit on the head.

 She regains consciousness in a local hospital. Jonas, Lukrecia and policewoman Maizjene are near. Someone burned the body of Glokis! Instantly get to his hut!

 Somebody was there. They're searching the log hut. She finds a laces in chest and digging in them suddenly remembers the vault.When she fell, the “soul” flowed out her body and organized a masochistic session for cannibals. Only the youngest, the southerner, survived by clinging to the hook in the ceiling. When soul returned, he led her out and made her drink a potion. A similar vial she takes here. Later Lucretia'll discover that the potion erases the temporary memory.

Two days later Ardweg appears near hut. He doesn't know that Maizjene watching him. He shoots by a children's crossbow.  The arrow gets tangled in trees and he leaves to bring a ladder. Sportive Maizjene climbs the tree. There's suitcase in branches. She takes it in car and drives away. The hand blackens. In panic she calls to Jonas...


 Maizjene's car is on the roadside. Her black corpse droped out of the door. Abinaya advises Jonas to touch nothing. The car with the corpse is towed away and fenced.

Husband of Lilya, Il'ya, has a pastor diploma. They meet with chief of computer installers BNPP, Dobronravov, and say that only sincere faith will stop the killings of the builders. The idea had resonance in camp, and the rural Church is restored. Il'ya preaches there and they become friends. Dobronravov's father died in the submarine “Kursk”. It turns out that the safety systems of BNPP are overlapped and repeatedly altered that perfectly masked the corruption. He draws some scheme. It gets to Lucreсia through Lili and Abinea. Lucretia goes to NPP at West Ukraina where meets the officer, which finds way to reconstruct some chips at the scheme.

 Abineya claims that she has an extraordinary goal, and goes to Wehlev. Investigating the mill, where von Schirrau disappeared, she sees cartons with the citrus deodorant. They are being delivered by... Kasheftin - she recalls that this was the name of the "junior cannibal"! Deev promised "anything" for solving three questions. She tells him the first decision: vaidelutes he can find in the way of this van and by smell.They must to repel the Pit aroma...

 The early morning call: Deev is in a coma at local hospital - 'It's like he was pecked by an excavator'. In a hurry, Abinea is ambushed. She shoots at the door. But the surgeon near is already dead. Vaidelutes can stop human heart with a snap of fingers!
Deev's jeep was found near a ruined church. It was dragged sideways along the sand. Near a man is squashed by a part of the wall. Abineya sends his finger to the DNA examination.
Meroev lives in a solitary pump-house. Deev had acquainted her with an influential general. He organizes the "military exercises". The mobile hospital is deployed near Meroev. He opts the plague to hex for them. He's terrible, covered with sores. The lieutenant offers him the nurse which is crazy of ulcers, (Abinea) in exchange for German painting or porcelain. 

 Meroev turns out to be a sadist, but she gets inform about the planned meeting of the highest vaidelutas (krivisses) on the Curonian spit. She forces him to drink the potion of forgetting. His house and phone are tapped.


Abinea heals dislocated joints. Ardweg studies the activities of Benedict, who was one of the highest officers of the California Huntington library.

It's less and less clear for what Abinea doing this, but it looks like she wants to meet kriviches without a chance against them. Ardweg finds the modern illusionists which use the expensive technology. Would krivisses to believe?
Three men are fishing. The sand erects, transforms to words 'RETURN THE TEAR”, and disintegrates. The tanned sportswoman stands thereat... She was sent by "Him"... to win the ring in the card game. The Otherworld is endless, and nobody know all its denizens – the bluff works. The sexual arousal kills they one by one. The dying Krivis says Abinee is Ulmiganian Witch, and has chosen the wrong side. Yes, they steal corpses... But someone forces the construction of NPP by drunk hands on the drunk land, and it will end with the nuclear Armageddon for the half of Europe. They tried to resist. No, they don't know who cuts off the heads. He hands over his phone. In her hands it changes color to the her "family" colors.

She takes their stuffs. Leaving, she vaguely sees "the guard" – the white one-legged rooster the size of a house.
Kasheftin calls. In exchange for waidelute things an "Expert" will “open the ways”. “Expert” dictates the gates, time, spells. Hearing about Benedict and the names Abenir-Abinea he says: "this marvelous murder may implies the prophecy." By agreement the envoy of vaidelutas deactivates (by laces) the car and Maizjene's body and takes the suitcase. Abinea inherits from died Kriviss the "Tear of Satan" and the horse head made from huge piece of amber.
The lab reports that the finger belongs to von Schirrau. Abinee answers the last two questions to Deev.  "Cannibalism" is a recovery of the aging body by foreign cells, so parts of it have different DNA. But these “spares” do not fit each other so many processes must controlled by brain. The sexual arousal are dangerous for the vaidelute. But they can back out of Pit, if their body and stuff were not thoroughly burned.The sign in crypt (the swastika of the claws of a crayfish) they invented for intimidation.
After leaving the clinic, Deev finds the vaidelutas again and tries to put under them a prostitute. But “Abinea's method” doesn't work - they began to torture her. He shot the girl with a rifle and disappears. Abinea takes his jeep, goes to one of the gate. She knows the spell and the time and enters to the Pit. 

 She meets Deev, who on eyes transforms into the old man from the morgue.