Outline 7-9 episodes


He is none other than Patollo -  the terrible prussian God of Pit, capable to turns into a black dog. Now he is the demon-emissary in Purgatory.
A year ago alive von Schirrau tumbled here. Because of her dangerous ring, he didn't  touched her, only marked. The vaidelutas grabbed she. Sensing the mark he found "the Adalbert scrypt". He sent the letter on Abinea's behalf to involve she at war with priests. They despised Gods, World Order and have made their hideouts inside Purgatory. 

 He owes three wishes as she answered three questions.

 Benedict? He is still in especiall place of the Pit. Nothing will bring him back to the living. German wanted to touch the tree, and to lie in the hospital, counting on her forgiveness.

Patollo gives she the head of horse from rosewood and a Mandate to cross the Pit.
Last wish she reserves and returns to our world (to Enclave).
The amber horsehead, the knowledges of Lucretia and Ardweg lead to an abandoned airfield to the wreckage of the fighter. A ritual with live and dead water reunites machine. It roars on the runway, acquiring «Abinea colors”. The cockpit doesn't open until she leaves the purse.
She flies away. Ardweg empties purse and grabs "Tear of Satan".


 The plane lands on the airfield, turning into a horse, horse — into Abinea. Here all died long ago. Benedict meets her. 

 He was  the master of  “SB” - "Seven Bridges". Millionaire Huntington believed the unique knowledge will help to rule the world's and collected the secret library since 1900's.  “Librarians” knews the true tomb of Adalbert and send him to find out way the old mystery was revealed. 

 In the "dead" hotel they unsuccessfully try to have sex. That was her great goal! The furious Patollo appears: she lulled his by using the “other head”. The rosewood would will returned she after... hundreds of years. She uses last wish: "Let I'll never more see you!" The demon vanishes.

It dawned on them: the Prussia, called Ulmigania, is the "country of elm (ulm)" and Patollo is the patron of the cursed tree. He built up a chain of the random events and ordered the tree to step. Benedict suspects that Abinea colluded with him. He runs into the animal rage and fucks Abinea.

The structure of Pit rejects she. She wakes up in Nippur (Iraq) at the ruins of the temple on the oracle place and finds the copper plate in mouth with the embossed with cuneiform. It's a prediction: “Anger from anger, Abinea from Abenir, live from dead, end is God from Dog”.

A year has passed at Earth.
Abinea contacts with the SB. One of the masters catches fake of  "Tear of Satan" – the true artefact shoudn't melt. Ardweg substituted the ring! SB finds his cashe and exchanges the artifact to the another forgery. Ardweg specialises in "occult crimes". Once he faltered, and give von Schirrau to try the “charlatan's ring”... It created random door in other world...
The true ring with Abinea again, but its main mission is not clear.
Ardweg will try to return the forgery to “right place”. In the Nippur ruins the body of European, that fell from huge high, will be find.


Some epic heroes was born by dead fathers. Abinea have achieved the afterlife rendezvous! But pregnancy has not come...
Jonas persuades her try to live together. But it quickly burns his career. He goes to the Caribbean but doomed to return  – what why her mother never informs father.
Dobronravov installs the delivered from Ukraine unit, cuts wire, and puts the wrench to ends.  The short-circuit will seems random.
Gatekeeper visits Abinea! At beginning of Afgan war a highlanders cured him, the soviet soldier. He vowed them to destroy the "div", which drags  an indeterminate souls into the "Kingdom" of graves. Div has built up a chain of the randomnesses that led to the Afghan war.
Forty years ago they made a trap in the Pit, and he waited Div there with friends, the recruits, for week (two earth years). The letter would to enticed the Div. She was trapped here. For sure Div is looking for her now!
She opens that Div actually is Patollo, emissary of purgatory and confirms - purgatory is empty. Modern human lives long enough to decide on. This is a blow! As god this shit is immortal. 


 She's pregnant!
She goes to the clinic to view the x-ray. A silence is everywhere, all watch TV. The President and government of the Russia are cut off from the world on the opening BNPP - by the old protection system against terrorism. It wasn't completely dismantled, and has no opening mechanism.  The air conditioning is temporary, the temperature is growing rapidly. The double armor of control room is impenetrable. Will they hard boiled? The reactor is shut down. Enclave riots.

The doctor says that the father of the child is ... not Jonas! This is a very rare case: on the shoulder of baby the birthmark, like sign, are clearly distinguised. 

 God-Dog Patollo knew the prophecy. Her daughter is his end. The ancient sign on shoulder means "Anger".